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What We Stand For.

Citiwide Exterminating Inc. has always been proud of the service we perform and the industry we are part of. Our reputation is built on providing safe, effective and affordable services. At Citiwide Exterminating we keep up with the latest technology and application techniques which we incorporate into our services.

We are committed to providing our clients high quality pest control and quality services while creating livable environments for our customers. We are sensitive and responsive to our client's needs and devoted to their satisfaction. We strive to provide professional, proficient, and premium services .

Allow Citiwide Exterminating to take care of all your pest control needs. We service the entire metropolitan New York and surrounding counties. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Our office staff is friendly and knowledgeable to help with any customer concerns or questions they may have. You will find that they provide all of our customers with the personal attention you deserve.

Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable to help in educating and communicating with the customer. Our training consists of in house and offsite education to stay up on the latest treatments and methods, providing our customers with the best services.

Citiwide Exterminating is one of the first companies to use the revolutionary bait chemicals in the New York area.

Your real estate property is a great investment. Just like all of your other investments you need to be protected. When it comes to protecting your investment from pests and insects, we guarantee a safe, effective, and professional job every time. Through years of education, training, modern techniques and most importantly experience, we will be able to provide your property with the best protection possible

What's Eating Away at Your Investment?

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Pests devastate buildings and businesses by depreciating the value of your investment. Managing any property can be difficult to maintain when the potential for infestation is limitless. Apartments become complicated to rent and tenants become complicated to deal with. But where there are pests, our service technicians can always provide solutions.

Our technicians are highly trained. Our training consists of in house and offsite education in order to stay on top of the latest treatments and methods, providing our customers with the best services. We will recommend the best treatment method using top rated products in the pest control industry today.

We understand that buildings are filled with hard-to-reach and hidden spaces, which provide pests with a near sanctuary to grow their colonies/nests and attack the structure of your building. Approaching this problem by relying on elimination and prevention we will find solutions for even your heaviest pest problems.

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